Welcome to Brite Electric!  I began this business because I knew I was one of the best electricians around. I love a job well done and won’t accept anything less than the best. I take pride in everything I do and what I do best is electrical work.

We are family owned and operated. When you call Brite Electric,  you know you’re getting the best because you’re getting me.

Our team provides electrical services in all phases of residential electrical work. Brite Electric  is a trusted and quality name in electrical service work. We take pride not only in the work we perform but also in the relationships we create with our customers.

We are passionate and ready to tackle any job that you need completed. We are happy to provide references from past jobs and builders that we have worked with so that you can get a feel for the body of work that we have experience with, as well as the high quality of service that we provide our customers.

We take pride in providing our clients with expert service throughout the construction phase, including:

  • Continuous Quality
  • Consistent Safety
  • Frequent Correspondence
  • Exceptional Cleanup

After the project is completed, the only evidence you can see of us being there is our good work.
We offer a variety of general electrical services including troubleshooting and repair to our customers.

You can count on Brite Electric for the job! Call us today at (208) 371-3803, or simply visit the contact us page.

CALL US TODAY!(208) 371-3803